Jobs-Based Innovation

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Executive Summary

A human insights approach to creating growth

Growth is the top business priority for 58% of CEOs. But few are seeing results from their efforts. Across industries, newly hatched upstarts are driving growth, leaving established players in their wake.

Might established players be going about innovation the wrong way?

Enter “Jobs Theory.” At its core is a simple but powerful insight: Customers don’t buy products or services; they pull them into their lives to make progress. Growth is about more than scale, it’s about enabling this progress.

It’s an approach to innovation that helps companies uncover opportunities that are systematically overlooked, all rooted in a deeper understanding of, why do people do what they do? In the parlance of the approach, what “jobs” are customers “hiring” different products and services to perform? And how can companies use that understanding to drive predictable growth?

Our Perspective unpacks this approach, which Lippincott’s Taddy Hall helped develop with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen. You’ll learn:

  • Jobs Theory 101
  • How to move from a product mindset to a Jobs mindset
  • How to identify customers’ “jobs to be done” and design with progress in mind
  • How to harness “jobs” to create meaning in customers’ lives, launch solutions that shape the future, and, ultimately, drive predictable growth

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For large companies seeking to unlock new growth markets, the way is clear. It’s time to get deep, and address specific job opportunities in customers’ lives.